SERVING our Communities Priorities and Interests. I will be YOUR representative in Concord, and I will NOT be persuaded to serve any other interests.

PROTECTING ALL of our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms. I will stand for Freedom of speech, Freedom of religion, the RIGHT to Bear Arms.

RESTORING the NH Way of Life. “Live Free or Die” is not simply a catchy state motto. It is a way of life that is slowly being eroded away. The pursuit of liberty and the freedom to live life as WE choose is engrained in the fabric of our citizenry.

SUPPORTING our Emergency Responders and Veterans. Being the fire department’s chaplain and responding to calls has truly given me a perspective I never had before. The dedication and commitment of our emergency responders is astounding. They need our support through financial funding and prayer as they deal with life-or-death issues. Our veterans who have already done their service for all of us, need our same type of support.

LOWERING the cost of living. This boils down to one thing. Getting the State to start budgeting and spending with the tax-payers in mind.